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We are open now in Barbican. 19 years experience.Home or office visits.All work guaranteed.Competitive rates.Fully qualified engineers.

With over 19 years experience providing Mac and PC laptop repair services in Barbican, we’ve fixed literally thousands of laptops.

Here are some situations you might find yourself in:

  • If you see strange splodges of colour, or large black areas on the screen, it’s likely it’s been damaged, and will need to be replaced. It’s normally worth doing so as replacement screens are quite inexpensive.
  • If you can’t see anything on the screen, shine a torch on to it. If you can just make out the cons, then it’ll be a fairly cheap repair for us to do. No need for an expensive new laptop!
  • If the screen image comes and goes as you lift the lid, then it’ll be a cable inside that needs fixing.Again, call us out to help. It’s a quick fix, and very affordable.
  • You might hear a clicking sound and the computer is very slow or won’t boot.That’ll be your hard drive needs replacing.Again, call us for help.
  • You might find you get a blue screen with white writing, and the laptop won’t boot. That’s caused by a hardware fault, which we can fix quickly.

So for any laptop  repair on any PC or Mac, call us for prompt 24 hour service on 0800 587 0346.

Reviews from our clients:

“My hard drive was making a clicking noise, and I couldn’t boot into Windows. I thought my data was lost forever.I called a few other companies and they quoted me around £1000, and up to a week to do the job!

I contacted 24 Hr PC and Mac repairs and they performed data recovery within a day at a fraction of the prices quoted elsewhere.

I highly recommend them.”

Steven Saunders – Knightsbridge

“I had my entire dissertation on a flash drive, which the dog had started to chew! Of course when I put it into the computer it unsurprisingly wouldn’t work. I was at my wits end as I didn’t have the data anywhere else.

These lovely people managed to get my dissertation back very quickly,and for a very reasonable amount of money.I’m forever in their debt.

Oh, and I got a 2.1 degree, so there was a very happy ending.”

Hannah Price – Brentwood