macbook repair


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With over 19 years experience providing Macbook repair in Puckeridge, we’ve fixed thousands of Macbook computers..

So whether you’re home or office based,  we can help you.

Remember, we’re available 24-7, 365 days a year! We cover Puckeridge and the whole of London, Essex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire.
Here are just some of the Macbook problems we can help with:

  • Slow or non-booting Macbook?
  • You’re getting the no-entry sign when you boot?
  • You’re getting a kernel panic when you boot? This normally shows as a black screen with lots of white writing, and a failure to boot.
  • You need a particular Mac program supplying and/or installing (eg. Office, Photoshop) on your Macbook?
  • Believe it or not, Macbooks do get viruses/malware. If you suspect you’re infected, call us anytime.
  • You need data recovery from your Macbook? Call us anytime.
  • You’re getting a clicking sound from your Macbook? That normally means the hard drive needs replacing.We can do this in no time at all.

Anything else, just ask!

So for Macbook repair call us on  0800 5870346 now.

Reviews from our clients:

“My Macbook hard drive was making a clicking noise, and I couldn’t boot into OS X. I thought my data was lost forever.I called a few other companies and they quoted me around £1000, and up to a week to do the job!

I contacted 24 Hr PC and Mac repairs and they performed data recovery within a day at a fraction of the prices quoted elsewhere.

I highly recommend them.”

Steven Saunders – Knightsbridge

“My imac seemed to have some kind of virus on it, whereby Safari wasn’t able to take me to any website.All I got was a load of popups and adverts.

A very nice engineer came to my house and solved the problem in no time at all. I expected him to leave as he’d solved my problem , but he insisted on giving me my money’s worth by staying and installing some programs which optimised my Mac.

I’m pleased to say the result is my Mac is now working faster than ever. I can’t recommend this firm too highly.”

George Jones – London