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No Fix – No Fee Policy (Terms and Conditions)

As part of our openness and honesty with you, we introduced a “No Fix No Fee” policy. It applies in those rare cases, when our engineer is unable to fix a particular problem because of lack of knowledge. If this is the case then you won’t be charged for that service.

The policy is not applicable, and you still will be charged for the time to this point, if:

• You prefer not to proceed with repairs after the problem has been diagnosed and our engineer offered you a solution.
• You cannot provide the engineer with original software, including device drivers.
• You cannot provide the engineer with legal licences.
• You cannot provide the engineer with required passwords.
• The diagnostic is performed successfully but the problem is with a 3rd Party.For example, problems with the connection with your Internet Service Provider. We may assist you to demonstrate to your ISP that your problem is with the product and services they offer, in which case we’ll include that additional time in your charge.

• In cases where we quote for a job, as opposed to an hourly fee, this will form a binding contract. If you change your mind on any aspect of an agreed contract, we require 24 hours written notice of any variation. This way we can amend our quote accordingly, or agree with you to decline the contract. If no notice is given, we reserve the right to charge the full amount of the contract, whether the work is performed or not.

• If your computer is defective, such that it will not allow us to perform the necessary repair, you will be charged for our a computer needs to be wiped using installation media, but the computer will not boot from our (tested ok) install media.

• When installing hardware any warranty is provided on a fair wear and tear basis. If a defect arises on a satisfactory repair where the damage has been caused by client interference or misuse, our warranty is voided.

• If you have a dispute with any service we provide, you must email us at within 7 days of the invoice date, with full details of the service provided, and the reason for the refund request. We will not provide a refund in any circumstances if these conditions are not met.

• If we are required to perform hardware repairs at your premises, we will require a clean, large worksurface to be ready on our arrival. If this is not provided we will not be responsible for any missing screws, etc or any damage to any computer part.

• On very rare occasions we are able to diagnose the problem but may not be able to fix it ourselves, normally due to it needing specialised equipment. In such cases, as we have successfully diagnosed the problem, a callout fee will still be payable.

• Microsoft Windows installations: on rare occasions Windows updates can cause problems after we have installed Windows for you. We cannot be held responsible for these updates as they are out of our control. There is ,therefore, no warranty provided on such occasions.



Before performing any piece of work, our engineer will advise you on the eventual time and cost. Note that the cost is mostly dependable on time, and time can only be loosely estimated. It depends on many factors ,but mainly on the speed of your computer.


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