With over 19 years experience of fixing hardware and software problems on the Windows operating system, you can see we’ve dealt with every version of Windows, from Windows 95 right through to Windows 10.

We’ve fixed around 12,000 Windows desktop and laptop computers, so there’s nothing we haven’t seen.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a home user, a business user working from home, or your computer is located in your office. We can help in all cases.

Remember, we’re available 24-7, 365 days a year! We cover the whole of London, Essex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire.

Here are just some of the problems we can help with:

  • Your printer not working? Call us anytime.
  • Your wifi signal weak or not functioning? Call us anytime.
  • Your broadband gone down? Call us anytime.
  • Your computer is slow or not booting? Call us anytime.
  • You need data recovering from a faulty hard drive? Call us anytime.
  • You have a virus or malware need removing? Call us anytime.
  • Your PC need upgrading its operating system or RAM? Call us anytime.
  • Screen needs replacing? Call us anytime.
  • You need a particular Windows program supplying and/or installing (eg. Office, Photoshop)? Call us anytime.
  • Do you need a new or used Windows computer (desktop or laptop)? Call us anytime.


Anything else, just ask!


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Call us now on 0800 587 0346 Mobile 07900 532819