Apart from the fact you might accidentally damage your laptop screen, you might also find ,through no fault of your own, the screen goes dark, and you can barely see anything.

  • If you see strange splodges of colour, or large black areas on the screen, it’s likely it’s been damaged, and will need to be replaced. It’s normally worth doing so as replacement screens are quite inexpensive.
  • If you can’t see anything on the screen, shine a torch on to it. If you can just make out the cons, then it’ll be a fairly cheap repair for us to do. No need for an expensive new laptop!
  • If the screen image comes and goes as you lift the lid, then it’ll be a cable inside that needs fixing.Again, call us out to help. It’s a quick fix, and very affordable.
  • We offer a no fix, no fee service.For conditions see here.

So for any laptop screen repair on any PC or Mac, call us for prompt 24 hour service  on 0800 587 0346 or mobile 07900 532819