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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?


Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

If your computer is installed with Windows 7 , we’d advise not.However, if you have Windows 8, then yes you should.

We think Windows 7 is a perfectly good operating system, and doesn’t need to be upgraded.Frankly, any upgrade will not be an advantage to the user. In fact, it may be the opposite because the amount of RAM you have installed may not be enough to run Windows 10 well. Plus you’ll have to get used to a whole new system, which nobody likes to do.

If you have Windows 8 you may not be keen on all the messing around you have to do, simply to ,say, turn the machine off. Windows 10 makes most operations easier than Windows 8, and for that reason you may find it easier to use. Also, it’s likely the amount of RAM you have will be sufficient to run Windows 10 well.

There are some drawbacks with upgrading, which we’ve seen.Most seriously,we’ve had people call us saying the machine boots to a black screen after a 10 upgrade. We can’t be certain why this happens, but we think it’s to do with the way Windows 10 interacts with certain computer hardware. Sadly, no-one can say with certainty whether this would affect your computer, so it’s a risk you’d have to take.We think it’s a risk not worth taking.


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