As you no doubt know, virus removal is a difficult job.There are literally thousands of different computer viruses around, with dozens more being created every day.The first thing you should do if you suspect you have a virus is to disconnect your computer from the internet.

Better still, just pull out the phone lead from your router.Next thing is call us on 0800 587 0346, because it’ll take a professional to make sure the virus is fully removed. We can normally do this inside the first hour.It’s best to think of a computer virus like a weed in your garden! If you know weeds, you’ll know you have to get the whole thing out, root and all.If you leave even a millimeter of root, the weed will come back.It’s exactly the same with a computer virus.

And for those of you who think a Mac computer ,phone or tablet is immune from viruses, think again. We’ve seen  many examples of viruses for Macs, and they can do a lot of damage. Please see here for more information.

You may have heard of Malware (or Adware, Spyware, as they are otherwise known). These are a  type of computer virus which literally “spy” on your computer as you use it. So if , as many people do, you bank online or purchase goods on the internet, these hidden nasties can include keystroke loggers which know what passwords  or card numbers you’re typing, and pass that information to the bad guys. Next thing you know , your bank or credit card account has been fleeced.

Linked to this is “ransomware”, where your browser is hijacked by a fake message from an official body, often the police, telling you to pay a lot of money to be able to get back to using your computer again. You won’t be surprised to hear if you do pay the money, you still won’t be able to use your computer, and they’ve got your credit card details. If you see this message do nothing except call us on 0800 587 0346 and we’ll remove the bug in no time at all. Plus we offer a no fix, no fee service.



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